Call for Non-Toxic Nation Comes to Times Square

Widespread use of toxic chemicals must end, group says 

(Albany, NY)  Toxic chemicals are everywhere – in our homes, schools, even our bodies.  These chemicals are linked to rising rates of childhood cancer, learning disabilities, and asthma.  Clean and Healthy New York is bringing this message to Times Square this winter.  Timed to coincide with New York’s 2013 legislative session, Clean and Healthy New York asks viewers to “help us build a non-toxic New York through stronger laws and safer products,” and to visit, where the video can be viewed on-line. 


The ad runs on CBS’s 20’ by 26’ SuperScreen in Times Square every hour, every day until March 31st. Millions of people pass through the Square each week, giving the organization unprecedented visibility on this environmental health issue.

“We know that people are tired of discovering that seemingly innocuous products are actually contaminating them,” said Kathy Curtis, Executive Director for Clean and Healthy New York. “Most Americans and small businesses support much more comprehensive regulation of chemicals.  Our kids shouldn’t be guinea pigs.  This is a problem we can solve together.”



The ad shows images of where toxic chemicals lurk – in homes, schools, and people’s bodies, as well as representations of the kinds of health problems connected to toxic chemicals in recent years.  Finally, a little girl is pictured chewing on a plastic toy, along with the organization’s call to action.


“Our laws are so broken that no federal bans, even on known harmful chemicals, have been enacted since EPA tried – and failed – to ban asbestos over twenty years ago,” Curtis said. “With rising rates of environmentally related diseases, and the many costs associated with treating those health problems, it’s time to act.  Working together, we can have a non-toxic New York – and a non-toxic nation.”


In fact, broad coalitions of health-based and environmental organizations have joined together to work for safer chemicals at the state and federal level.  This year alone, legislation to address toxic chemicals in products will be advanced in at least 26 states, according to new data released on the organization’s website today, and federal legislation is expected. 


“New York has been and must continue to be a leader, until all children everywhere are protected from toxic chemicals,” Curtis concluded.

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