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 Our children’s health is threatened by harmful chemicals in many of the products that surround them: when they get dressed, at play, when they eat, at bath time, and when they sleep. They are in clothes, cups, car seats. They are in bath toys, bibs, and beds. These harmful chemicals are everywhere. We just don’t know it. We need to know, and the harmful chemicals need to go.

Accelerating Change

The Child Safe Products Act will change this. Passed by the NYS Senate and Assembly with broad bipartisan support, the Child Safe Products Act (S.521-B Kaminsky) / A.6296-A Englebright) will:

  • Require product makers to tell us if harmful chemicals are in what they sell.

  • Require manufacturers to phase out the most toxic chemicals— like formaldehyde, arsenic, and asbestos— in children’s products.

  • Create a framework for reporting and banning additional dangerous chemicals in children’s products in the future.

Change is possible: A new report documents notable progress by key retailers in embracing chemical safety policies to help protect people from toxic chemicals in products.  Enacting the Child Safe Products Act would accelerate progress exponentially.

With a Stroke of the Governor’s Pen, New York Can Lead the Way

There’s just one more step. By signing the Child Safe Products Act, Governor Cuomo will make New York a national leader in the quest to protect
children’s health from harmful chemicals. The Child Safe Products Act will reveal hidden harmful chemicals and eliminate the worst of them.

Call the Governor at 518-474-8390 and urge him to sign the Child Safe Products Act today.

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The high cost of toxic chemicals in children’s products


Over 1,000 chemicals can harm our health and the environment, according to scientific research.1


For example, we know that certain chemicals can cause neurological disorders. 2

Childhood diseases and disorders from preventable environmental factors cost New York State an estimated $4.35 billion each year in health care costs. 2

1 Washington State Dept. of Ecology,

2 Mt. Sinai,

25 Elk Street

Garden Suite

Albany, NY 12207


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