Albany County:

Time for the rubber to hit the road

Albany County was the first in the state to tackle the widespread problem of toxic chemicals in children's products. In December 2014, the County Legislature passed Legislator Bryan Clenehan's Toxic-Free Toys Act, and County Executive McCoy signed it into law in January 2015. After some questions were raised about how to implement the law, the County Legislature amended the bill to add more detail in 2015, and again it was signed by County Executive McCoy.


Now it's time for the rubber to hit the road.


Toxic chemicals like lead, cadmium and arsenic are in accessories, clothes, shoes, and jewelry in

Albany County. These chemicals can contribute to health problems like cancer, diabetes, harm to brain development and function, and kidney, lung and heart damage.


We are calling on County Executive McCoy and Health Commissioner Whelan to issue rules and regulations to implement the law to meet the July 1 enforcement date. Businesses need to take action to keep toxic chemicals off of their store shelves, and need to understand what will be required of them.


Please call County Executive Daniel McCoy and tell him, "I support the Toxic-Free Toys Act. It's time to issue regulations and prepare to implement the law by the July 1st deadline."

Call today: 518-477-7040 




Learn more: read the report that launched Albany's action.

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